Istanbul, Turkey
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We offer group and corporate discounts on many courses. These discounts are available for clients who want to maximize their return on investment.

Official registration needs a form to be filled out and shall be sent out to sales@istanbultd.com the form has to be followed by official payment confirmation letter and employment letter!

ISTANBULTD can only and only send the confirmed participants invitation letters which they can add to their applications while applying for visa as a supporting document.

ISTANBULTD can facilitate accommodation easily and at right destinations which can meet the applicants purpose of visiting shopping malls, health facilities and other fun sites. Accommodation availability and facilitation depends on the package of training you are purchasing.

We can arrange exposure visits to health facilities, social projects, health Achievements , development projects, transportation projects but early coordination of the activity is required at least one month before the commencement of the training.

For time being, ISTANBULTD is not facilitating any scholarships. In case any such project is available, ISTANBULTD will openly announce it on its social media networks and its official website.